Global Success's Salary

Salary is divided into two types: hourly system and monthly salary system:

Hourly wages are applicable to engineering department/front-line workers, technicians/team leaders, and foreman; all other positions are subject to a monthly salary system.

Salary composition:

Basic salary, post salary, environmental allowance, night shift allowance, overtime salary, performance salary, others

Salary Subsidy

1. Environmental subsidy: refers to the subsidy given to a position with a relatively poor working environment.

2. Night shift subsidy: Night shift workers are entitled to night shift subsidy.

3. Overtime pay:

Weekly overtime work (over 8 hours from Monday to Friday): basic salary/21.75/8*1.5*number of overtime hours

Overtime on rest days (Saturday and Sunday): Basic salary/21.75/8*2*Number of overtime hours

Statutory holidays: basic salary/21.75/8*3*overtime hours

Before calculating overtime hours each month, those who take leave (shift leave, sabbatical leave, personal leave) in the month must meet the regular working hours of the month before calculating overtime hours. For example: when the regular working hours are not enough, first deduct the weekly overtime hours, then deduct the normal overtime hours, and then deduct the working days.

4. Full Attendance Award: If there is no leave, late arrival, early departure, or absenteeism, it will be calculated on the basis of working days

Statutory Benefits

1. According to relevant national regulations, employees enjoy national statutory holidays and paid annual leave.

2. According to relevant national laws and regulations, employees are entitled to marriage leave, maternity leave, bereavement leave and other paid holidays.

3. The company purchases social insurance or accident insurance and provident fund for employees.

4. Due to the company's post adjustment/sick leave/work injury/maternity leave, etc., the company will pay the employees according to the local minimum living wage standard while they are on the job in the company.

Company Benefits

1. The company provides free meals and herbal tea and ginger soup according to the season.

2. On traditional Chinese festivals (such as Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival, etc.) and the company's annual factory celebration, the company organizes snacks and dinners for all employees.

3. On national statutory holidays and traditional festivals, the company organizes recreational activities, conducts lottery draws, and holds colorful cultural evenings.

4. The company provides various cultural and sports activities (such as billiards, gymnasium, basketball, table tennis, badminton, tug-of-war, karaoke, billiard games and other healthy activities that are beneficial to the body and mind) for employees to entertain in their spare time.

5. If an employee or immediate family member is seriously ill or injured not due to work, or has a major accident in the family and faces major difficulties, the company organizes charity donations.

6. Free dormitories/beds are provided to employees who need accommodation.

7. For outstanding employees, the company organizes development training or travel in batches every year according to the actual situation.

8. Other temporary welfare subsidies and bonuses issued by the company.