Talent Strategy

In order to combine the company's overall business strategy, formulate a human resource planning plan from the advantages and disadvantages, adapt to the company's future development needs, and ensure that human resources effectively support the achievement of the company's strategy and goals

External Environment
Internal Environment
Human resource stock
External Environment

With the influx of the new generation of post-90s and post-00s into the workplace, these people have a better material life since childhood, and their needs for occupations are diversified (social needs, respect, not being able to endure hardships, etc.) difficulty.

Internal Environment

From 2021, we will usher in a strategic change in corporate development, adopt product differentiation strategies, and focus on product quality and technological innovation. At this time, companies need more innovative talents. Combined with the current stage of growth, the human resources strategy is more important. Tends to gradually improve and optimize the organizational structure, talent training, attract technical talents, let the personnel engage in challenging work, have more responsibilities, so that the employees and the company can reach a common vision and present the same values.

Human resource stock

The company strengthens the construction of resource infrastructure, clarifies the role of the organizational structure, clarifies the job responsibilities, conducts job evaluation, rationalizes the number and structure of personnel, and adopts various plans and policies for human resources.

Improve, so as to alleviate and solve the problems existing in the status quo of human resources, and promote the development of the company and the realization of goals.

A. Advantages: 

① product differentiation strategy. Product innovation has certain product advantages in the industry

②Stable maintenance of major customers for many years, playing a good role in the enterprise

B. Opportunities: The oil movement of the market economy environment brings new challenges and opportunities to a certain extent

C. Disadvantages: the comprehensive quality, specialization and professionalization of employees need to be improved

D. Threat: The entry-level building of the industry is not high, and the development of the industry will bring some competition to the market to a certain extent.

Pre-job Training
On-the-job Training
Technical Training