I voluntarily join the Zhouxu Group, be loyal to the PCB business, carry forward the enterprise spirit of "patriotism, entrepreneurship, truth-seeking and dedication", abide by the core enterprise concept of "integrity, innovation, performance, harmony, and safety", forge ahead in unity, forge ahead, and lead the way With the goal of catching up with the world at home, we will work hard for the development of China's PCB industry with our sincerity and sweat!

Group Building
The greatest spirit is team spirit, the greatest strength is team strength
Group Activity
It is difficult for one person to carry a thousand golden burdens, but many people can move ten thousand mountains
Excellent Staff
Dedication to work, good morals, serious and responsible, willing to help others
Birthday Party
We are willing to go through every spring, summer, autumn and winter hand in hand with the company and harvest the most fruitful fruits of life.