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QC080000 training IATF16949 internal auditor certificate issued
Vice President's training on the philosophy and values of grassroots executives
IATF16949 Quality Management System 2022 First Phase Auditor Training Course
First of all, it introduces the IATF (International Automotive Task Force) International Automobile Working Group, a specialized organization established by the world's major automobile manufacturers and associations in 1996, as well as the latest development status and the current pass rate of the new version of the system, and there are major problems.
Warm congratulations to Jiangsu Global Success Circuits Co., Ltd. on the successful conclusion of the March 2022 staff meeting
The TV panel industry has set off another wave of investment climax. A few days ago, South Korean display giant LG Display (LGD, hereinafter referred to as "LGD") announced that it has decided to establish a joint venture company to build a large-size OLED production line in Guangzhou.
Welcome the "March 8th" Women's Day, the gifts are distributed to warm people's hearts
Spring returns in March, and the breeze brings warmth. On the occasion of the annual March 8th, in order to thank the female employees for their hard work and express their love for them, Jiangsu Zhouxu Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. has carefully prepared holiday gifts, so that all female employees can spend a happy, Warm and beautiful holiday.